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Pablo's Pablo Hippo Hippos NFT

Pablo's Pablo Hippo Hippos NFT

Collection is live on OpenSea!
Submit offer of 0.25 ETH -> No gas fees!



9:00 pm EST


Things You Need To Buy A Hippo 👇

1. Install a Cryptocurrency Wallet – We recommend the MetaMask browser extension.

2. Purchase Ethereum – Commonly used options include CoinBase & Wyre & Transak are available through MetaMask. Make sure to purchase enough Ethereum to cover any transaction fees or price fluctuations (at least $150 in excess of what you anticipate spending on OpenSea!)  

3. Transfer Ethereum to MetaMask Wallet – If you purchased your Ethereum on CoinBase or are holding your coins anywhere other than your MetaMask wallet, you will need to move the coins to your MetaMask wallet.

4. Create OpenSea Account, Connect MetaMask Wallet – You will need to set up your account on OpenSea by connecting your MetaMask wallet (or another compatible cryptocurrency wallet) in order to purchase an NFT!

Now You Are Ready to Purchase a Hippo! Here’s How 👇

1 On OpenSea, go to the Pablo’s Hippos NFT collection

2 Look at all the hippos and select the one you want to purchase (click it).

3 Confirm the hippo is “Owned by” Pablos-Hippos-NFT. A small number of hippos are not available and will have a different owner listed.

4 Select “Make Offer”. If a signature is requested on MetaMask, click on “Sign”.


5 To make the offer, you will need to convert your ETH to WETH. Click “Convert ETH” & convert 0.25 ETH by clicking “Select a token”, choose “ETH”, and convert it to WETH by selecting “Wrap”.

The transaction will show as “Pending” for a short time, and then you will have WETH!

6 After converting to WETH, input the offer of WETH (0.25) and Click “Make Offer”. You can leave the default “Offer Expiration” of 3 days or input a custom offer time period.

7 That’s it! If you followed all of the instructions, your offer will be accepted & you will receive your hippo! We will welcome you to the #hippohuddle soon!

Animation of hippo moving

Once You Buy A Hippo

All offers will be reviewed and processed as quickly as possible. Priority will be given to community members on our whitelist to ensure that they are able to obtain a hippo. All other offers will be considered on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
We will NOT accept any offers ABOVE or BELOW the pre-sale price of 0.25 WETH. All offers that are not for EXACTLY 0.25 WETH will be rejected to ensure the integrity & fairness of the pre-sale. Your WETH will not be transferred until the offer is accpted, so make sure that you do not spend it in the meantime or the transaction will fail!
If you have questions that are not addressed here, please send us an email at or direct message us on Twitter @pabloshipposnft.

Common Questions

Why haven’t I received my hippo yet?

To avoid excessive gas fees for our buyers, we are utilizing the “Make Offer” feature on OpenSea. All offers will be processed as quickly as possible.

Why did my transaction fail?

You may not have connected your wallet properly or may have insufficient funds to complete the transaction. Double-check that you have followed each of the steps above. If you are stumped, reach out to us and a member of our team will aid you when available.

Why are some hippos unavailable?

A select number of hippos were utilized for promotional giveaways, held for whitelist recipients, or “air dropped” to selected individuals. Recipients of any hippos are not affiliated with the project team and may choose to hold or sell their hippos at their own discretion. 1 hippo (Emilio) does not have a number and is owned by the project team.

What is the whitelist?

To incentivize early participation and engagement in the Pablo’s Hippos community, a whitelist was created to ensure access to purchase a hippo for selected individuals. Whitelist spots were granted based on activities such as active participation on Discord, entry into giveaways, and other actions taken that demonstrate a commitment to being invested in the mission.

How do I get the cool hexagon on Twitter?

If you have “Twitter Blue”, you can select your NFT as your profile picture by using the Twitter mobile application as soon as your offer is accepted!

What can I do with my hippo?

It’s yours! Share it, post it, download it. Use it for anything that you would like to. The hippos make great profile pictures, desktop & mobile backgrounds, and look very nice in a frame!

I have a hippo. What do I do now?

Get involved! Follow us across social platforms and join our Discord. As a hippo NFT holder, you have a voice in how we will be using The Foundation to support the hippos in Colombia. Your vote is important!

Thank you for reaching out! We will contact you as soon as possible
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