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Pablo's Pablo Hippo Hippos NFT

Pablo's Pablo Hippo Hippos NFT

The Hippos

Beautiful animals. Ecological engineers. Invasive species. Who are these hippos? We want you to decide.

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Image of hippo covered in rays

About The Hippos

In the late 1970s, the notorious leader of the Medellín Cartel, Pablo Escobar, kept a small number of hippos in his private zoo. Upon his death, the hippos escaped into nearby waterways and proliferated.Today, their population has ballooned to approximately 120.

Now, the debate rages on about what environmental and ecological impact the hippos are having and how best to protect the hippos, the native citizens and the land. That’s where we come in.

The Project

Our mission is to raise awareness, facilitate discussion, and help fund solutions to the dilemmas facing Pablo’s hippos. We will do this by creating unique & vibrant art and a unique governance system that gives a voice to our community.

A fixed portion of all NFT royalty fees on transactions in the Pablo’s Hippos NFTs will be directed to environmental, ecological, legal and non-profit organizations selected by our community. Owners of Pablo’s Hippos NFTs will have private access to community forums, content, and (if we are able to meet the milestones on our Roadmap) determine through a decentralized governance system which organizations these funds will be donated to.

This project is about decentralized problem-solving and governance. A fully transparent, democratic approach to philanthropy combined with incredible one-of-a-kind digital art. The opportunity to obtain a unique NFT while contributing to a meaningful and positive impact in the real world. Whether you are an art-lover, a conservationist, an ecologist, technologist, futurist, organized crime historian, or a hippo groupie like us, this project is for you. Join us.

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The Foundation

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Initial Seeding: 33%
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The Artist


Johanna Torres

Hola! 😄 I am a graphic designer born and raised in Nicaragua, currently based in Dallas, TX. Growing up in Latin America gave me perspective and love for art and culture, which has significantly influenced my career as a visual designer and the way I express myself. I am a designer with 5+ years of experience in digital art, motion media, advertising, and brand campaigns.

On weekends you can find me at a coffee shop, hiking nearby trails, painting murals, watching anime or taking my bunny, Molly, for a backpack ride.

I look forward to sharing a bit of who I am through the hippos you are about to see! 🦛

Interview Creative Director Johanna Torres
Photo of Creative Director

Coleman Perret


With a focus on bringing the brand to life, Coleman is responsible for developing and growing our inclusive community of Pablo’s Hippos NFT holders. Coleman serves as the head of digital marketing and Chief Evangelist. He brings years of sales and marketing experience along with a deep understanding of the NFT ecosystem. 

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Pablo's Hippos Roadmap

After escaping from Pablo Escobar’s estate, Hacienda Nápoles, his hippos proliferated out along the River Magdalena. The Roadmap milestones reflect the nearest port cities on the hippo’s migration path.
Image of Magdalena River

Puerto Nare

Puerto Zaragoza

Puerto Boyaca

Puerto Triunfo

Puerto Libre

Image of magdalena river sign

Puerto Zaragoza

Puerto Triunfo

Mobile version of magdalena river

Puerto Nare

Puerto Boyaca

Puerto Libre

Animation of hippo moving
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Hippo News


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the NFTs be available for sale on OpenSea?

The limited pre-sale will launch March 31, 2022 @ 9:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM CST. The schedule for subsequent mints will be released following the pre-sale.

How many NFTs will be minted?

The pre-sale will include a limited run of 25 hand-drawn NFTs. The total number of NFTs from the initial pre-sale and subsequent mintings will be limited to 120 in total, which is intended to track the approximate size of the hippo population roaming the River Magdalena. If the hippo population continues to grow, the holders of Pablo's Hippos NFT may vote to increase age 120 cap by a proportionate amount and consistent with the latest estimates.

Where can I find more information?

More information about the project can be found at our website, on our Twitter feed, and on our YouTube channel. For more information about the hippos, we recommend the following articles (we aren’t affiliated with the authors, but they do a great job of identifying the environmental, social and legal issues affecting the hippo population today) Click to Learn More.

How much will the initial mint cost?

NFTs sold during the initial pre-sale will be priced at 0.25 ETH. The price of subsequent mints will be released prior to the applicable sale date.

How can I become more involved in the project?

We encourage active participation in our Discord community and engagement with our Twitter account. As noted on Our Roadmap, owners of our NFTs will have direct input into how a portion of all NFT royalties are utilized to support the hippo population and local environmental and ecological organizations. Anyone interested in learning more about our project is encouraged to contact us via direct message on Twitter or via email at

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